On stage

Somatic Coaching for performers and speakers.

Whether you are a musician, actor, politician, teacher or manager, if you have to perform in front of an audience, your body is your instrument to communicate with.

More fun, efficiency and connection during your performance.

Concrete tools

Somatic Coaching helps you to gain insight into how you use your body. Somatic Coaching gives you concrete and practical tools to investigate your patterns and change them where necessary, thereby improving your communication skills. The result is that you may feel more successful and happier during the important and stressful moments of your work.

You can learn:


How to become more grounded


How to express yourself more effectively in connection with your body


How to deal with performance stress


How to experience more joy in performing or speaking


How to really connect with your audience

Somatic coaching offers you


Align your body with your task


Improve physical expressiveness


Develop safe and supportive practice methods


Improve non-verbal communication skills


Enjoy public speaking/performance


Learn how to deal with stress during important moments


Be more spontaneous and receptive with a well-grounded body


The body is your instrument


You will gain insight into how you use your body in professional activities


You will get concrete and practical tools to change your patterns and improve your skills


You will become more successful and happier in your profession

Practical informatie

All live sessions take place in a dance studio in the center of Amsterdam, Eerste Helmerstraat 102 ½ Studio Fresh Tracks

There are three different price categories that depend on income:

Category 1: income below 1,000 euros
Category 2: income between 1.000 – 2.000 euro
Category 3: income above 2,000 euros


1 hour 1,5 hours 10 x 1 hours 10 x 1,5 hours
Category 1 75,- 85,- 700,- 800,-
Category 2 85,- 95,- 800,- 900,-
Category 3 95,- 105,- 900,- 1.000,-


This is what others say…

” Katharina is very sensitive, respectful, competent and gives the right feedback at the right time to ensure progress. I can really recommend her to anyone who is looking to get in touch with his or her true self to become more successful and happier in life and profession. I can recommend her to any performer who is looking for the authentic connection with themselves.”


Sandra Management Professional

“I had a performance with a big band a fortnight ago. During the concert I had the feeling that I was doing well. I observed my way of playing. And I found out that I was standing very firmly on my feet, my back was completely straight, my breathing was very relaxed and therefore the playing felt natural. This has really only happened since the coaching sessions with Katharina.”

Chris, Master student trumpet

“Through Katharina’s coaching sessions I found more ease in playing my instrument, especially because I am aware of the better support I can get from my legs and the position of my head. It gives me better control of the instrument but also more softness.”

Sabine, violin professional

“Katharina’s exercises to be aware of my body in space helped me to feel more present on stage and more connected to my colleagues and the audience. I also noticed that I was happier to play, and somehow more awake. And when I took the time to put the exercises into my own practice, I felt less stressed and more at ease.”

Emiel, percussion professional

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Katharina is a member of the NVDAT https://www.nvdat.vaktherapie.nl and is committed to the NVDAT Code of Conduct. She also has an AGB Code. This may mean that, if you have Dutch supplementary insurance, you have the possibility of being reimbursed for part of the costs. This depends on your insurance. Here you can read further about the possibilities: https://www.zorgwijzer.nl/vergoeding/vaktherapie

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